How often should we have sex?

Science actually has an accurate idea. The average adult gets some action 54 times a year—or about once a week, according to a 2017 study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Another study published in 2015 linked the frequency of sex to happiness. Researchers writing in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that couples who have sex at least once a week are happier with their relationship than those who get it on less often.

How do you write your sex experiences?

Just consider these things:

  • It’s not all about the sex—really
  • Dynamics sell
  • Perspective is pivotal
  • Mixed-genre erotica and erotic romance are all the rage
  • Know your target audience and make sure you brand your work accordingly
  • Don’t be afraid to take chances
  • Don’t be too quick to relieve your audience of the romantic and/or sexual tension
  • Great sex doesn’t always have to include love
  • Don’t forget the foreplay
  • Be tactful about your ending

What was your most embarrassing sex experience?

There was this one time where I accidentally shit a little because the guy I was dating at the time convinced me to have sex while I had the stomach bug. It wasn’t anal or anything, he just thrust really hard and I guess I lost control. I was mortified and left immediately.

So yeah, that’s it! lmao

Were you always satisfied in bed?

Yeah, sure!

How does your partner do it?

Well I can say it’s a collaborative effort. Keep these in mind:

  • Dress To Undress
  • Develop A Dirty Talk Vocabulary
  • Warm Up Before You Get In The Act
  • Let Your Hands Do The Talking
  • Bring In Toys And Props
  • Tell What Turns You On

Have you experienced being traumatized by a bad sex? What did you do?

Yes, it’s not uncommon to experience these things. Good thing I met my partner right now. He helped me overcome such bad experience.

Perhaps what helped me before was trying to involve other things that helped me feel emotionally connected to my partner during and before sex? E.g. telling each other what you love about each other or playing a song that you feel captures something of your relationship…