Different Types of Sex Toys: Know how to use them to get the ultimate thrill

When a girl turns into a woman, other toys come to replace bears and dolls in her bedroom. Here you will get a complete guide on what are sex toys and the top 10 female sex toys. For more toys like cock cages for alpha males, see them online!

  1. Dildo

Actually, it is the most popular toy and the most ancient. Even the ancient Romans indulged in stone dildos, which, unlike the real ones, will never lose their hardness. Modern dildos are naturalistic – in the form of real penises, with irregularities, veins and surface, imitating human skin. And there are – simpler, cylindrical shape and all sorts of colors of the rainbow, including the backlight. Any size and shape – the sex industry provides a huge selection of customers. For ease of use dildos are often produced on suckers. All of these dildos can transform your life.

  1. Vibrator

If you insert a battery and a motor into a dildo, it will be a vibrator. Mechanical vibrating, rotational or progressive movements give women a lot of pleasure. By their properties, the vibrators are divided into only vaginal, vaginal-clitoral, vaginal-anal and just anal. There are vibrators that are equipped with the function of additional stimulation of point G.

  1. Vibro-egg for clitoris

The simplest vibrator looks just as simple (and ingenious) as a regular egg. The ultra-modern silicone surface compensates for the simple form. This egg is intended for direct stimulation of the clitoris, the area of ??the external and internal labia and other erotic zones. Convenient and compact toy that you cannot even hide – it is unlikely anyone would guess why this thing is needed. This shouldn’t be confused with yoni eggs which are healthier compared to this.

  1. Nozzles and rings

Despite the fact that these gadgets are put on the male sexual organ, they give pleasure to women. That is why they fell into this rating. Silicone erection rings with tendrils, pimples and “processes” are needed for additional stimulation of the clitoris. A nozzle, worn on the penis, like a condom, covered with various kinds of irregularities, is needed to stimulate the vaginal walls.

  1. Butt plugs chains

Anal fixtures are a very elegant way to diversify moments of intimacy. Anal balls and chains on a soft and tight coupling are needed not only to stimulate the anus, but also to relax the anal muscles before penetration. By the way, some men like these toys to their liking, even if their orientation is natural. So this position in our top can be loved for both genders. These are the butt plugs viewed in porn sites commonly

  1. Pumps

What a male pump is needed for is clear, but for women. In fact, this device, more like an oxygen mask, serves to stimulate the clitoris and vagina. The female genitals are simply covered with this cap and the air is forced. The stimulating effect is obtained due to blood flow and lip augmentation, which greatly stimulates the vaginal area. Pressure can be immediately reduced by the integrated valve. Worth a try, they say, sexual sensations are doubled.

  1. Handcuffs

The most banal attribute BDSM, simple and affordable. Traffic restrictions are very exciting for some partners. For those, who do not like pain – there are handcuffs with fur covers. Who does not like the touch of metal; please choose the leather version of the handcuffs. There are also handcuffs for the legs, as well as all together, connected by chains, a kind of “harness”.

  1. Sex swing

Swing for love games – a bold and original device for those who have a rich imagination. Hundreds of new combinations and positions, as well as the feeling of “weightlessness” reinforces the excitement of partners. Swings can be attached to the ceiling or to a special stand. As a rule, they are made of genuine leather or thick fabric. Metal fasteners, so the risk is minimal. But the new sensations mass, and it seems that the impossible posture no longer exists.

  1. Strap-on

If you think this is an invention for lesbians, then you are mistaken (although, in fact, they really enjoy it very much). Yes, this is an imitation of the penis on the straps, but if a man wears it in addition to his penis, then the woman can get double pleasure imitating MZHM.

  1. Sex machine

Or a sex processor (by analogy with a kitchen one, probably) is not a new engineering invention, but very popular. Actually, this unit may well replace even the most durable man. There are a variety of models with a variety of functions and nozzles. Adjusting the rhythm and speed, dozens of poses, and most importantly – such a machine will not finish ahead of the woman. The only and biggest minus is that. Only if this car is not inflatable and there are such.

And yet, whatever the toys and devices for sex, we are sure that this partner cannot be replaced by any sex machine. Therefore, we recommend that you use all these units not “instead of”, but “together” with your partner!

Lubricants, lubricants

Sexual cosmetics are a set of prophylactic external drugs that activate sexual reactions and are intended for healthy people with physical fluctuations of sexuality. Central to this group are lubricants, i.e. lubricants, moisturizing the genital tract and, thereby, facilitate the conduct of sexual intercourse. They soften and moisturize the skin and mucous membranes, caring for them and prolonging their youth. Lubricants facilitate the introduction of the penis with a weaker erection in men and eliminate the discomfort in women with dryness and increased sensitivity of the vaginal mucosa. Lubricants are distinguished by the nature of the base on which they are made. It can be water or fat. Water-based lubricants are lubricants whose water-soluble bases are glycerin or silicone. These lubricants are easily washed off with water. Do not leave marks on linen and do not cause allergic reactions. When using condoms or any other products from latex, it is necessary to choose only lubricants of this type for moistening. Fat-based lubricants are produced using animal and vegetable fats. They can only be applied to the body.

Application Tips:

  • Apply a small amount of lubricant to the genital area of ??a man or woman before and (or) during intimacy.
  • After sexual intercourse, it is desirable to wash the genitals with warm water and soap.
  • Use a lubricant in accordance with the instructions attached to them.
  • Do not use lubricants for oral sex, which are not intended for this.

Types of lubricants:

Anal lubricants: These are lubricants that reduce pain and relax the muscles of the anus. They have a thicker consistency. The composition of these lubricants may include lidocaine or benzocaine, which have a local anesthetic effect.

Antiseptic lubricants: These are greases with a good degree of slip and density, which include nonoxynol or miramistin, which provide additional protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Promote healing of wounds and micro cracks, relieve irritation.

Flavored lubricants: These are greases with bright pleasant aromas of fruits and other fragrant plants. They will create an atmosphere of romance in your bedroom.

Flavoring lubricants: These are jelly lubricants, lotions and gels for oral sex with the aromas and flavors of fruits and other plants.

Prolongations: Prolongers are drugs designed to prevent premature ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse with a partner until the partner reaches orgasm. Their action is based on reducing the sensitivity of the nerve endings of the glands penis due to a local anesthetic agent, which, however, does not reduce the sensation of sensations. They differ in the nature of the base, pre-exposure time, the degree of initial sensitivity reduction. It can be in the form of a simple cream, cream-lubricant, gel, spray. Their composition may include antiseptics, various fragrances, and contraceptive components. Contraindications to the use of not identified. Individual hypersensitivity to a local anesthetic is possible.

Contraceptive lubricants (protects).These are lubricants containing substances with a spermicidal and antiseptic effect. Due to the soft and gentle glide, mucous genital organs are maintained in a healthy state. Combined use with a condom prevents its rupture and reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

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